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Treatment Guide

HP Indigo Sapphire coatings from POSCO are available in a few formulations and they can all be ordered here at!

*Indigo Sapphire 3.2% is the ready-to-run formulation

*Indigo Sapphire 10% is 3X stronger than the 3.2% and is watered down by the end user.  We recommend using distilled water.  Some customers choose to do this if they wish to run a slightly higher concentration than 3.2%, but many customers choose 10% to save on freight costs.

*Sapphire 5-15 is formulated for use to improve adhesion to certain plastics and synthetic stocks.  It is in a ready-to -run concentration.

*Sapphire Indicator Solution is a liquid agent that is spot-applied to a treated sheet in order to detect the presence of sapphire.  This clear liquid will turn purple in the presence of sapphire.  Product is used to help confirm proper and even application of sapphire.

The following "Guide to Sapphire Treatment" contains answers to many of the questions pertaining to the application process.

Guide to Sapphire Treatment

The following "Sapphire Info. Sheet" contains answers realted to ordering, pricing, coating yield, and package sizes. 

Sapphire Info Sheet

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