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Blanket & Roller Wash

(13) Products available.

Alpha 499 (5 gal pail)

  • Item# P7101-5
  • 5 gallon metal pail
  • A strong water miscible wash with enhanced evaporation rate and a user friendly citrus scent.
  • Recommended as a roller wash for the Heidlberg Quickmaster.


Color Wash 1 (5 gal pail)

  • Item# P1122-5
  • 5 gallon metal pail
  • A strong detergent and solvent emulsion used to deep clean rollers during the toughest of color changes.

GLP500 Grease (kilo can)

  • Item# RP7499
  • 1 Kilo Can
  • High Pressure Fluid Grease

Hit-N-Run (Quart)

  • Item# P5501-1
  • 1 quart
  • Plate cleaner and conditioner for metal plates.

HPL 25 (5 gallon pail)

  • Item# P5987-5
  • 5 gallon plastic pail
  • Hydraulic Press Lube

MRC-LVP (5 gallon pail)

  • Item# P7694-5
  • 5 gallon metal pail
  • Metering Roller Cleaner

PFC One Step (gallon Jug)

  • Item# P8956-0
  • 1 gallon plastic jug
  • Fountain Solution

PFC-XBG (gallon jug)

  • Item# P8515-0
  • 1 gallon plastic jug
  • A hard working acid fountain solution designed to battle excessive alkaline by-products during long press runs.
  • The additional buffering and desensitizing compounds make this an effective product.

Power Pro

  • Item# P5505-5
  • 5 gallon metal pail
  • A powerful one step wash with water miscible capabilities and a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Very effective in Heidlberg presses equipped with atomatic blanket and roller wash systems.

Royse Bag Filter 01

  • Item# RP7914
  • 6-1/2 Length x 8-1/2 Width
  • For Royse systems, also widely used on all types of Heidlberg, Komori and Roland presses.

Sprayway Anti-Static Spray 955

  • Item# S5727-9
  • Aerosol Can
  • Prevents mis- or non-feeding of material on press.
  • Counteracts electrostatic charges that attract dust & particles that cause spots.
  • Will not cause draw sheet to shrink or swell.
  • Also for use on scanners, image processors.

Sprayway Silicone Spray 945

  • Item# S7181-9
  • Aerosol Can
  • Non staining, durable for smooth operation.
  • Stops squeaking, sticking, protects surfaces.
  • Dries rapidly with no greasy or oily film.
  • Lubricates screen frames, vacuum beds, printing platens.

TFE-Dry Lubricant Release Agent

  • Item# SP101-1
  • Easy-to-use colorless dry lubricant release agent.
  • Non-staining. Contains neither silicone nor oil.
  • Remains clean and dry during use.
  • Perfect as a general liquid masking to release rubber
  • and plastic check printing plates

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